Started in 2014, Smartease (pronounced as “Smarties”) was set up with the aim of conducting hands-on oriented training that goes beyond stuffy theoretical knowledge. In our early days, we focused on maker-style workshops for educational institutions. As digital technologies evolved, Smartease has now shifted our focus to adult technology-based training. However, our focus on practitioner-based industry-relevant training has not changed at all. At Smartease, we pride ourselves in providing high quality training using our expertise in data science, analytics and blockchain.

Our Vision

Our vision is summarized as below.

  • To provide high quality industry-relevant training
  • To share our professional expertise and knowledge
  • To keep up to speed with state-of-the-art technologies

Our Experts

  • Dr Yeo Wee Kiang

    Dr Yeo is a data science entrepreneur and consultant, with experience in the pharmaceutical and bio-chemical space and a passion for hands-on education. Wee Kiang started with machine learning and data mining in a large multinational pharmaceutical company, where he pursued his PhD in Chemoinformatics while building methodologies for the discovery of drug candidates. He was a passionate Lead Instructor of an intensive Data Science boot-camp at General Assembly’s Sydney campus. Prior to that, he also taught at the Hong Kong campus. He has also launched his own startup, Smartease, which conducts hands-on learning activities and provides consultancy on data science and analytics.